WHAT IS Life Live by Maja?

My hopes are that Life Live by Maja can become a go-to resource for good fun, reading life stories with a dose of humor. Some readers will get advice on areas relevant to them:

travel, career, money, health, fashion, decor, life coaching and more.

Why I call my blog “Life Live by Maja “because that’s exactly what I’m writing about, about my life. I’m growing up in a mental sense and paving a path and making a name for myself like so many other women my age are doing. some of them will be recognized in my stories, they will find themselves in similar situations, to some of them my experience and advice will help.

Who is Maja?

My name is Maja and I’m 46 years old. I am coming from Serbia. I went to college first trying to become a lawyer but that part never ended. In the meantime, I graduated from the Faculty of Education and started working as a kindergarten teacher. I’m still wondering if that was a good decision?

I love to write and share good vibes but it will never be always like that. Sometimes you will read sad part of my life, which is nothing unusual. Life bring to us many challenges.

Love Sundays spent drinking massive amounts of coffee, reading newspapers, and watching favorite tv shows. I live for the moments you can’t put into words, and few things transcend a cup of coffee and someone to share it with. On the weekends you can usually find me in a friend’s backyard, drinking cold drinks and waiting for something good to come off the grill but I love to use my Sundays to get out and walking with my dog.

Stay with me on my blog and enjoy in “Life Live by Maja “.