Ten reasons why you eat even though you are not hungry

There is a reason why you eat too much food, even though you do not feel hungry.

It’s time to make a few changes, and these are the reasons why it’s possible to eat more food than you need:

  1. Skip breakfast

It may seem like a good way to cut calories, but when it finally comes time for lunch, you’ll probably be tempted to eat whatever you can get your hands on.

It takes 5 minutes to prepare the omelette. In addition to being healthy, it will keep you full and thus prevent overeating during the next meal.

  1. Eat in front of the screen

The series or the internet distracts you so you’re not focused on your meal, which means you won’t have a real sense of whether you’re full and how much you’ve eaten.

Solution: eat at the table, and turn off the TV and laptop. Emails and series will be waiting for you when you finish your meal.

  1. Do not control portions

Be aware of how much food you need.

Half a pizza is sometimes just too much to eat all by yourself.

  1. You mix hunger and thirst

Many people do not distinguish well between these two feelings.

If you have recently eaten and you still do not feel full, drink a glass of water and wait for half an hour.

Then think again if you are really hungry.

  1. Parry your partner

It is not news that many girls gain weight in a relationship, and it is especially difficult to stick to healthy eating habits if you have a boyfriend who means a whole chicken by a proper lunch.

Does it seem logical to you to divide the pasta you have prepared into two equal parts and eat the same amount of food as him? No, not at all.

  1. Your plates are too big

Plate size can really lead to overeating.

When there is a lot of empty space in the plate, the portion seems smaller and that is why you need to ‘fill’ the holes.

  1. You feel guilty when you satisfy yourself

It is normal that sometimes you ‘die’ from the desire for your favorite cake and it is normal to satisfy that desire!

If you think that feeling guilty about this trip will help you keep the weight off, you are mistaken.

Research has shown that people who forgive themselves these sweet sins eat less sweets than those who ‘fall into depression’ after dessert.

  1. You have no snacks

Some people think all snacks are bad. It is important to understand how snacking between two meals can help you with healthy goals, but only if you approach it in the right way. Eat fruit, of course, not chips.

  1. Exaggerate after training

Do you think it’s okay to be honored since you were so diligent?

A healthy meal, fat-free and low in calories – this is a real addition to your fitness routine, not a burger.

  1. You eat when you are nervous

If you have a tendency to comfort yourself with food, you are not the only one.

A box of cookies may seem like a good idea when you are stressed or sad, but doing so only does injustice to your body.

The next time you want a cake, ask yourself, “Am I hungry?” Just that. These three words can save you from the next overeating.

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