Why America is so special


America has always been a different planet for me. I didn’t know anyone from America. I love that magical place on this planet, a place that gives everyone a chance. It is true that there is an American dream but it depends on the people who live and work there, how consistent someone is to make their dream come true. People around the world have different opinions about America, some love it, some don’t. I think the reason is that they don’t know enough about the American people. 

Working as an online teacher and other jobs online gave me a chance to get to know America better. A tourist trip to some country is not what gives us a true picture, of a country and citizens of that country. 

Sometimes it’s hard to understand a culture we don’t belong to, but humanity is a bridge between all of us. 


Most American people belong to the Roman Catholic Church, but there is also a small number who are Orthodox. One of my students who was learning Serbian was just one of them, an American of the Protestant religion. We learned from each other, got to know America and Serbia through language classes. We were getting closer every day. We did the classes via skype so he met other members of my family as well as my husband. We talked about everything, history, culture, food, Serbian mentality. He fell in love with Serbia and planned to visit it. 

He wanted to accept the Orthodox religion and needed a godfather. One of the reasons why he made such a decision is that he fell in love with Orthodox spiritual music, he found his peace in it. Everything happened spontaneously and by default, my husband was supposed to be his godfather. God arranged it all.


The baptism of our American friend was one of the most beautiful days of our lives. Full of emotion, well-being, and love. We were the proudest people in the whole world, we were honored to be the godparents to the most wonderful man. 


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