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The job of a blogger is not easy at all. It requires a lot of writing, work, looking for an audience, sponsors. All bloggers,  included me, started writing because we love and enjoy that. Yet what kind of writers are we if no one reads the post. I don’t call myself a writer, that’s exactly the point of a blog. This is a place where we convey our emotions, opinions, criticism, experiences. And I don’t try to be a good writer, but I write from the heart and I think that’s the way to success. And success is a new blog reader, success is when someone comes back to the site to read a new post.

The taste is not to be discussed. Some people don’t like what I do, but there are also people who like to read and visit my blog. All this is recorded by google analytics, it recognizes every visitor to my site and the activity of my readers. Google Analytics records which post is the most read, the most visited, how long readers have stayed on a page of my blog. 

My website attracted a large number of visitors in a short period of time. And just guided by this fact, I started thinking in the direction that every blogger thinks. I started researching how to attract platformers who collaborate with bloggers and that enable them to advertise, collaborate with brands, and sponsor mediation. I believed in myself and what I was doing, I felt I deserved the attention of marketing on the blogging scene, and I started presenting my blog to sites that connect bloggers and brands.

One such site is “Blog meet brands”. They all have clear rules, blog traffic must meet their criteria, and the condition is that I’m given access to Google Analytics. In this business, the word is not enough, and all this must be proven. 

Dancing & Life

I applied on the “Blog meet brand” website to participate in the Dancing & Life campaign. I sent my application and forgot about it. I didn’t hope to be invited. I’m just a drop in the ocean on the blogging scene.

But I wasn’t right. Today I received an e-mail invitation to participate in the campaign, they accepted my application, my blog meets all the criteria. Influencers working on the campaign will post pre-written content on Facebook and/or Twitter for 8 consecutive business days. It is some kind of competition and the most read post will be evaluated.

The invitation to participate in this campaign is more than enough for me. I don’t need any other award. This is my reward for doing the right thing, for making observations from marketing experts who know how to evaluate quality. 

Honestly, I didn’t believe in myself that much  !!!

Miracles happen when you least expect them!!!

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