How to write Blog without a niche

Is it possible to write blog without niche ?

When I started blogging, I didn’t know much about it. I wanted to pass on my feelings and experiences to others, that was my guide. However, as with any business, blogging needs to be improved and advanced. I devoted all my free time to learning, reading, researching. Blogging is not just writing.

Blogging is made up of many skills that need to be mastered.

These are just some of the tips for successful blogging. There are already many posts about this and it is not enough to just read them, but apply these instructions in your work.

One of the important items to make a blog concise and readable is to niche. The blogger must choose a topic to write about and pass on his knowledge about it. It is not advisable to write about everything we know, we should attract readers with one topic. Readers will recognize you as an expert and always come back to find a solution to your problem.

According to experienced bloggers, it is not possible to make a success without a niche. But I’ve heard both ends of the argument. Some people are absolutely all about the niche, while others say it’s unnecessary. That’s why I decided that my blog doesn’t have a specific niche and to continue blogging the way I envisioned it.

Yes, it is possible !!!

I’ve found a lot of successful bloggers just writing in the way I envisioned, with no niche.

You can absolutely blog successfully with a niche.

BUT you can also blog just as successfully WITHOUT a niche.

However, all this depends on the way you write, whether you are interesting to the audience. Writing a blog without a niche should be of good quality and attract readers with your writing style. It really just depends on what kind of blog you want to have, and how much time you can give to your growth.

Blogging without a niche does not mean poor quality. Such blogs are generally more demanding, it is necessary to skillfully convey opinions and experiences, especially if you are not creative enough.

In my opinion, blogging must be loved, and only then is success guaranteed. You have to enjoy the process and continue to want to blog. Otherwise, you’ll get bored and sick of blogging.

If you don’t love it, you’ll quit. So it doesn’t matter if the blog has a niche or not.

On Google you can find the names of many successful and famous bloggers whose blogs don’t have a niche

– The Daily Tay
– Cupcakes and Cashmere
– A Cup of Jo
– The Bloggess
– The Sunday Chapter
– Love Taza
– The Londoner
– The Every Girl
– Gala Darling
– Career Girl Daily
– Mollie Bylett
– The Freckled Fox 

Whether you choose to have a niche or not, you can create a successful blog.

We all started from ZERO. But it is important that we learn from each other and support each other.


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