What is Blogging


When I started writing the blog, I promised to be honest and open. The posts will describe my life how it is, packed with silk my flaws, and virtues. I try to be an honest person, although in today’s world it is very difficult.

 I did a lot of research about blogging, how to write, what it is that attracts readers. There are blogs that describe in detail how to work and write, the key to success, and how to make money. I decided not to follow all these tips, recommendations, but to write about myself, my feelings, life experiences. Because we learn from other people’s mistakes, we like to know how others live, whether they do something better than us.

I don’t think I’m a good writer at all, but maybe I don’t need to be. I want to put a smile on the face of my readers, make theirs day a little bit better, and hope they will look forward to my next post. 

Maybe people from my country think, why I write in English? 


Not because I want to become famous and rich around the world. One of the reasons is that because I want that people from other country find out how it looks like the life of one simple woman from Serbia. 

I like to make jokes and always trying to found something good in bad things which happen to me, to think positive. One old Serbian monk said, ” What our thoughts are, such is our life “. 

And I believe, people will like my blog, they will enjoy what I write, they will follow my life.

This post is different from the previous ones, but exactly that’s what I wanted to show. 

 I shared my current feelings and thoughts with you.

Good night dear people and stay happy and healthy !!!

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