Diet in Greece-what to eat

 In February 2019, I started my diet. I wrote to you in previous posts about how it all started and the pounds went down, I was pleased with my success. We were approaching summer and it was time to plan a vacation,  Greece, a country of good people, beautiful beaches, clear sea but also delicious food.


Since my childhood, I have been vacationing right there and every trip to Greece made me happy, among other things, because I would eat their traditional dishes, sweets and of course gyros. It was gyros that worried me the most that I would stop my diet, that I would resist something I was most looking forward to when I went to Greece.

Is there anyone who has not heard of gyros?

Five star Hotel

We stayed in a five-star hotel, heaven on earth, a place where, as the Serbian people would say, there is milk from birds. From the previous experience, I gained in Greece related to gyros is that I always ate it in a tortilla and I never thought to try the variant on a plate where you can avoid French fries and tortillas. This way of serving was simply not gyros for me. He had to be in a tortilla with all the side dishes and of course to be eaten in a couple of bites.

Gyros on a plate

Exactly in a way I didn’t like, on a plate, gyros were served in the hotel we stayed in, and a stone fell from my heart, I hoped that I would persevere in my intentions and continue with a special diet. My diet was based on protein and I was allowed meat but not gyros because he doesn’t have that emperor when served on a plate, it has to be in a tortilla or as the Greeks call it, gyros pie.

Walk down Gyros StreetThe hotel was a few kilometers away from the first major place and it was inevitable to soon visit the town and walk the streets, meet restaurants, pastry shops. Of course we had to go to a restaurant that we heard makes the best gyros in town. We were in two restaurants, so there were two challenges ahead of me. I don’t have to mention how much my friends convinced me that one gyros wouldn’t make me fat and that it was worth a try.

the victory was successful, I have beaten myself and gyros. This was possible because my food consciousness changed. 

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