Do what you want to do

Covid has brought many changes to the world, and to us humans. We had to change a lot in our way of life and adapt to the new situation. And I agree with the fact that this is a great reset of the world in every sense

Certainly Covid is not something good that happened to us, but in the bad there is always something good that we can use to our advantage.

Often in our lives we do what we don’t want to do. We are brought up to accept patterns of life that for some of us are not a way of self-realization.

I don’t want readers to misunderstand me and the lesson to be in a negative sense. Some rules must exist and be followed.

But sometimes we want to break those rules, to make changes in our lives.

Sometimes there is such a condition. It seems that everything is as usual, but in general there is no desire to do anything.

Even something nice or interesting.

There is no longer any interest, the only desire is to lie down and do nothing.

Yes, sometimes we even work in this condition, but we do it on autopilot, and then only because we cannot miss work.

In our lives we always can found compromice. Do what you like, be what you want to be but make a deal with life and social rules. Try not to broke them.

It’s hard to imagine life when everything is perfect and there are no problems. There are always good times and bad times. And sometimes difficult times can be very addictive, both in fact and psychologically. Which, in fact, is often related.

Therefore, it is important to read this quote by Mikhail Bulgakov, it will help you get through difficult times.”It never happens that something lasts forever.”

 Today is a little worse, tomorrow is a little better. You never know.

Do not think that your current condition will always be the same as it is now. If we go deeper, we will see that even our hormonal background is always changing, it is very flexible.

That is why we have different moods in the morning and in the evening. And yes, therefore, for example, it is better not to solve important issues at night.

I had lot of bad times in my life, but who doesnt have. And I wont to use this post to tak about them, I want to give positve thoghts to readers, I want to give support that everyone can found piece of time and do what want to do and be who want to be.

 When I have bad times, I always remember that things change. It becomes easier for me, and I make these changes faster. Important is to stay who you are or who you want to be.

Many times I lied to myself and created a false image of myself and the world around me. Sometimes that cost me a lot, sometimes gave me false pleasure but I enjoyed it.

For some big life changing can be late, so don’t wasting a time. Change everything what you think you need. Work on yourself, change bad habbits, change bad behavior.

Think positive and good things will show up.

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