Happy Friday


Everyone has their own reason why they love Friday, and I don’t think there is a person who isn’t a fan of this day of the week. Especially for working people, Friday is a day that brings us freedom, whatever it is. It’s the day I come exhausted from work, a drop of water in a glass overflowing. I live for Friday, it is a day that gives me the strength to survive a busy week, everything that unexpectedly happens to me during the workweek. 

But Friday is special, different, it is a day that gives us peace. There’s nothing better than getting home from work and changing into a comfy t-shirt or my favorite pair of sweatpants. Changing out of my work clothes tells my brain that it’s time to relax and that I can enjoy a few hours to myself, without the stress of work weighing on my shoulders. Does not matter and  I have private obligations. on Fridays, everything ends with less stress, haste. This is the day when we have all the time in the world. 


Only on Friday, I drink coffee in the evening time. It’s a day when I don’t worry about whether caffeine will create insomnia for me, whether I’ll fall asleep on time, to wake up rested for a hard day at work. This day I am never tired, as much I had a lot of work, and mostly I stay awake until late at night. One of my favorite things to do after a long day at work is social networks, researching, and learning, exactly what led me to start writing a blog. I wrote my first post on Friday and I believe it is another proof of how important this day is in my life.


Friday evening it’s a time for making a weekend list :

  • Family
  • Food
  • Movie
  • Clothing
  • Coffee with friends
  • 3 favorite things
  • Enjoy
  • Music
  • Traveling


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