HOW TO LOOK 10 KILOS OF SLIMMER: 12 unbeatable style tricks of fashion experts!

If you are not a fan of going to the gym, with these small stylish cakes you will look a few pounds thinner in an instant.

Fashion expert, Charla Krupp, shares some tips on achieving the ideal figure with the help of a wardrobehttps://www.nytimes.com/2012/01/25/style/charla-krupp-self-help-author-on-womens-looks-dies-at-58.html

The neckline in the wardrobe is your best friend

The V neckline gives the illusion of an elongated body, and thus a slimmer one. The more skin you find in the area between the chin and the chest, which is implied in reasonable terms, the more you will give the impression of a slimmer person. This neckline visually gives balance to the wide hips.

Christian Dior could not stand this type of woman: He despised anyone who behaved like this!


Christian Dior was one of the most famous greats, a fashion designer of the last century. Despite decades, the Dior brand is still considered synonymous with quality and good taste.

Christian Dior himself was positive towards women, but he despised some of them.

Here are some types of women that Christian Dior considered minors:

Women with dirty hair

Like Coco Chanel , Christian Dior thought that the worst thing a woman could do was to leave the house with dirty hair. Dior believed that a woman could not be said to be well-groomed if she allowed herself to appear in public with dirty hair.


Clean hair is one of the strongest trump cards of a lady.


If a woman is not feminine then she cannot be considered a lady. If she denies her femininity and does not emphasize it, then she is not a woman, Dior thought.

According to Dior, femininity is not only shoes with heels and dresses, but also behavior, manners, communication with other people.

Appropriate clothing

Dior believed that proper body care also requires choosing clothes that suit our body and character. A well-groomed woman is one who wears clothes that fit her figure, and that emphasizes her moderately, Dior once said.


“The real proof of a lady’s elegance is on her feet,” Dior once said. He considered women’s shoes to be a necessary attribute of femininity. Well-groomed women cannot leave the house with shoes that are not feminine. Christian Dion could not stand sneakers on women’s feet.

Heels with a pointed end

Salons that have a pointed end will do the right thing. In high heels, every woman looks a few kilograms lighter, but those who have a pointed end will be an even better choice. Thanks to him, the silhouette will look even longer and more elegant.

Invest in a good bra

It may sound strange, but a good bra cut can really change the look of your figure. Many women are not even aware that they are wearing the wrong size. When you find one that suits you perfectly, you will notice that you look much thinner.

A corset is always a good idea

Don’t hesitate to invest in one good corset. It will make the silhouette look phenomenal, especially under the dress.

Choose jewelry strategically

Long necklaces add length to the short neck and distract from the hips and the front and middle part of the body.

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