There is no magic weight loss formula if you continue to follow the wrong dietary principles

If you want to lose weight, rule number one is to correct your diet. We can lie and believe in the impossible, but until the spoon is punctured, there is no weight loss.

“A whole bucket of apple cider vinegar a day, or any supplement, or God forbid any suspicious pills and drinks, will not help you if there is no food restriction,” claims Dr. Predrag Nenadić in the book “Apple cider vinegar, the guardian of your health”.

This expert claims that it is crucial, if we want to lose weight, to stop lying and change our diet immediately. He firmly believes that weight can only be corrected with a balanced diet and limited portions.

According to Dr. Nenadic, the body should be directed in the direction of consuming fat deposits, all in order to create additional energy.

“Well, apple cider vinegar can help you a lot, more than you can even imagine! Apple cider vinegar will be a catalyst for all the changes within the body’s chemistry and fat cells, which can bring about changes in fat metabolism, and your body will release unnecessary ballast.

The advantage of apple cider vinegar for weight loss:

Tannic acid from apple cider vinegar prevents the deposition of fat, especially its deposition in the liver and internal organs.

Calcium does not decompose in the base medium.

In order to decompose, the environment needs to be slightly acidic. And such conditions in the human body, among other organic acids, are created by apple cider vinegar.

Calcium in contact with fats creates a substance that is very similar to soap, and the human body does not absorb it in the blood, but immediately expels it from the body.

If there are no conditions in the body (mild acidity) for the incoming calcium to be properly assimilated, fat accumulates in the cells – the body, unprocessed carbohydrates are also converted into fat cells, and all that into subcutaneous fat and so a person becomes fat.

Apple cider vinegar has a specific power to open fat cells and passes that fat on to the blood.

Apple cider vinegar stimulates digestion, and only part of the fat is digested, and the rest is immediately expelled from the body, still undigested.


Dosage of apple cider vinegar:

“For those for whom apple cider vinegar is too sour and does not like their stomach, I suggest the following combination:

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 teaspoon honey
squeezed apple juice (natural, sugar free)


In addition to apple juice, a combination of apple cider vinegar, honey and water is also recommended.

This combination can be drunk in the morning, before coffee, immediately after waking up.

Apple cider vinegar accelerates the burning of calories, and thus leads to faster removal of toxins, harmful deposits and substances from our cells.

Source https://stil.kurir.rs/

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