Why is Instagram more popular then Facebook

 Instagram VS Facebook

A new place to gather young people. That place just represents an escape from the parents because the parents came to Facebook. It is known that teenagers like to have their privacy, they do not want to meet their aunt or grandmother in a cafe, who would criticize their behavior. Less educated people when it comes to computers can be found on Facebook. It is quite easy to handle, everything is open and transparent, an ideal place for people who are out of the trends of internet phenomena. There was a migration of young people from Facebook.

Not everyone has Instagram, especially not the elderly population. Profiles are mostly locked and content cannot be seen unless the owner allows it. Still, Facebook is still trying to regain its young users but for now, it is not showing results. Instagram stole the Facebook audience.

Depending on the type of people, they more or less use these social networks. Visual types use Instagram more. It is they who like to show their way of life, whether they drive expensive cars and wear branded clothes. Young mothers promote their children, they present a false image of a perfect life. It is a web of vanity.

One of the popular ways to present yourself is to take photos on trips and in which locations they are located. Likes count, and it becomes an obsession. when you look at any profile on Instagram it gives a picture of a life like in Hollywood. People on Instagram share only one minute of their lives, mostly cut out. The real-life of an Instagram member is not visible.

Most people who are not part of that performance realize that it is a false picture of reality, but they still enter the game. The race begins to reach your favorite virtual friends. Most of them live a parallel life. They show me that they are beautiful and smart and we know some of them personally, and we know what they look like in reality and what kind of life they lead.

There is no perfect life and we are looking for that kind of life on social networks. Instagram is an apparent solution, a place that provides us with a distorted reality. Real-life has become a secondary thing, family and real friends are neglected.

Source: Isak Pavlovic, professor of media and communications

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