How to use lemon for losing weight

 One of the rituals that I think helps me maintain my weight is lemonade. I drink lemonade without sweeteners before going to bed, although I have read my texts that it is best to drink in the morning on an empty stomach with warm water. Since I’m pretty busy in the morning drinking lemonade I left for the evening. I occasionally squeeze the red grapefruit, all into my favorite jar. I drink slowly and what is noticeable that I am full, I do not feel the need for food. Another benefit of lemon that may sound amazing to you is that it doesn’t cause acid in my stomach.

Pain in stomachBefore the diet, I had problems with heartburn and acid in my stomach and during that period it was impossible to consume lemonade, especially not without sugar. By stopping eating bread, cereals, carbohydrates, sugar, my problem disappeared overnight.I got to such a stage that after each meal I had to take medication for stomach pain.

Bananas, dairy products, cereals were also banned as well as red berries, so my conclusion is that carbohydrates damaged his gastric mucosa.

No more heartburn and acid in my stomach
Now  I  eat potatoes and other starchy carbohydrates, I drink lemonade without any problems, I don’t feel any problems in my stomach and I haven’t taken the medicine for pain stomach acid for two years.

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