What is Life Coaching

I remember the first time I heard about life coaching. This was several years ago, and I was one of the biggest skeptics of the field you might imagine.

My initial thoughts were things like:

  1. What the heck is a life coach anyway?
  2. Who would pay for those services?
  3. Why would anyone think they need life coaching?
  4. Doesn’t it just make more sense to sort it out on my own?
  5. Or with a mentor?
  6. Who can afford a luxury like a “life coach”?

I was just one of the unformed people what is life coaching? We cannot judge something we do not know, something we have not studied. Yet, although I was convinced that life coaching was another in a series of scams on how to take people’s money. I began to study what life coaching was.

It is human nature to help each other, and there is nothing wrong with that.

A life coach can be anyone. No college is needed. life experience and skills are needed to pass that experience on to others. We learn from the mistakes of others. And that is exactly the meaning of life coaching.

Life coaching is a lifestyle.

Life coaching is about making a decision to live according to your truths, accept where you are and how far you’ve come. To actively share your life lessons and story with an intention to help others.

Everything else is the by product of that.

What makes you a life coach isn’t the size of your practice or reach, or how many book deals you have.

What makes you a life coach is how you choose to show up in the world.

And use your story to help others.

As long as you are helping someone with their life in some way. You can create a practice based on who you are, what you’ve overcome, and what you’re interested in. You can combine many of your gifts into your practice and create a brand that is uniquely you. This is why people are drawn to life coaching.

There are tons of life coaching training programs online. But, in my opinion, no need for that. However, some techniques are needed and this is obtained through training programs, courses that train you to become a life coach. All of these courses can be completed online, but life is not online.

People still do not accept this kind of help and generally do not take this kind of work seriously.

Life coaching still has a stigma to it. People will judge you. They’ll think that you think you have some kind of perfect. But they don’t know that life coaching isn’t about telling people who to do or saying that you’re life is amazing. Life coaching is about guiding, supporting, helping.

No one’s life is perfect, not even the person who does life coaching. A life coach is just a person who has more courage to share his experience and does not hide his life from others.

What is it like to work as a coach?

If you love the idea of helping guide others in their career path and have strong interpersonal skills, a career as a job coach may be the right fit for you.  You may already be life coaching and don’t know it.

Life coaching can come in many forms.
One on one sessions. Online, offline, inside, outside. Groups. Live events. Programs. Video courses. Books. Speaking. You can coach someone solely through email if you want.

You may not technically be a life coach but you are helping someone with their life in some way. So you are life coaching. There is not official certification board in life coaching.

That’s exactly how I imagine my blog. I pass on my experiences, knowledge, my life. I started writing about how I lost weight and maybe helped someone that way, maybe I was coaching someone how to lose weight.

Procitala sam nesto sto me je ohrabrilo:

There are only three things you need to become a life coach.

A passion to help others.

A story.

A kick ass course.

Time will tell how successful I will be in life coaching.

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