Little black dress


My husband and I received a wedding invitation. Soon, the most important day in the lives of our dear friends will happen wedding. To each couple, this day is important, something they have been waiting for to crown their love. However, the wedding of our friends was really special, organized in a beautifully unusual way, with an adventurous spirit.

We had a big task ahead of us. What to wear for this special occasion, how to show respect and that this event in their lives is just as important to us.

For men, the clothing combination is not a big deal. Some good suit, shirt, and elegant shoes will fix it all their dilemma, and also women are theirs fashion designers, not only for special occasions, they chose a daily outfit for them.

I had no idea what to wear. I had already lost weight and I was able to choose any kind of wardrobe combination. We went to the shopping center and for the first time in my life, I was completely calm, with no stress would I found something that will look nice on me. But my husband was in a panic and he desperately asked for my help. It was a summer wedding and my husband had some idea that his outfit should be less official, in harmony with Weather Forecast and the country where the wedding will take place. All-day long we spent in the shopping center, looking for his outfit. My opinion was not enough for him, the saleswomen on the whole second floor of the shopping center designed his style. 

She was standing in the shop window, little black dress, in a second I decided. First time in my life I have the perfect weight for a little black dress and I will not miss this chance. I walked into a boutique and said I wanted this one but then something happened that I did not expect. The size of the dress did not suit me, the dress was too big for me. Just two years ago I was looking for the largest size that exists in a boutique. 

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