Whether a dog can be vegan

It was early Sunday morning. My husband and I used the time before the heat to have coffee in our favorite cafe. If you have read my previous posts you know that I have a Maltese dog named Arni. He is a part of our lives for nine years, more than a pet, he is a member of our family. Of course, that July Sunday morning he was with us in cafe, but he is not main actor of this post, that morning something unexpected happened to us, someone else has become a part of our lives.

Suddenly my husband got a call from work and had to urgently go on a trip and perform his duties which were urgent even though it was Sunday. He quickly finished a coffee and left me with a dog in the cafe.

I have to admit I was sad, but after few hours I was realized that day bring to me something special. Later in my post everything will be clear, you will understand that for everything exist a reason, in everything bad exist something good.

After a few hours, my husband sent me a picture on viber, and in a moment when I was trying to see what is on picture phone was ringing, he says, I could not leave her on the road. She was in terrible condition, exhausted, thirsty and hungry. She had wounds all over her body, her fur was dirty and it was obvious that she was lost and wandered for days.

In the meantime I called the vet and scheduled her checking. I waited impatiently for them to arrive.

She could not stand on her feet and one moment broken my heart. When my husband got out of the car to pick her up, she started crying for him, that moment I knew it, she founded new home.

She had surgery because some kind of weed almost entered her bloodstream and ears.

The days went by and she recovered but she had strange behavior and we thought it is epilepsy. Epi attacks were frequent and severe. We were desperate and it was hard looking her suffer. The veterinarian said that such attacks do not need medical therapy.

My first dog Arni, was little bit jealous. He is our center of the world and a rather spoiled dog. Because of that I has been on distance with her, I didn’t caress her much and show how much I love her.


I couldn’t resist her and I gave more and more attention to her. I talk to her, cuddling her, scratching her.

As time went on, epic attacks became less frequent. She started playing, chose her favorite toys and finally had the feeling that she was in her house.

We gave her a name Bella but we made a mistake, she is a fighter, she had, a struggle of life and I would like that she has a name common with her struggling.

She is french poodle and by the way, SHE IS VEGAN.


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