My sweetness during the diet

 Why I am writing blog

Writing a blog is  something fantastic, a place where you express your thoughts, feelings, although you may know that your writing will not find its reader and deep down you hope that someone will like it and start talking about you and your writing. I decided to write, I understand this as a kind of diary keeping, if nothing else in later years, not to mention old age, it will remind me of the past days, what bothered and made me happy, maybe I will laugh and maybe cry and cry for such problems will look pointless at that point.Reason for creating blogI made a mistake when creating this blog and did not introduce myself. I was so excited because I managed to lose weight and I wanted to share it with the rest of the world and I forgot to say who I am.
Who I am 
My name is Maja, I am 47 years old, although no one would say that I am so old hahaha, and I live in Serbia. I hope that now the rest of the world has heard about Serbia, a small country in Eastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula, and most often people from America recognize it as the former republic of Yugoslavia. I am married to a very good man and we have no children, we have been married for 21 years, a beautiful 21 years and each new day brings us more love. In this post, it is simply impossible to describe and convey everything about me and my marriage, but in time, thoughts will come spontaneously that I will share with you.
Then he showed up in my life
Eight years ago, a dog entered our lives, a Maltese Arni who has our infinite love and attention and I will do my best to get to know him better through my posts and see his sweetness hahaha. I spend my whole life next to animals, even when I didn’t have my  dog, I collected strays, brought them home, fed and cared for them. Maybe someone will blame me, but I think sometimes dogs need our help more than humans.
I wanted to introduce myself in this post but I see it going in the direction of dedicating this writing to my dog, I even awarded the title in his honor. Maybe someone won’t like my way of writing and that’s okay, we can’t all like the same thing, and tastes aren’t discussed. I write in a simple style, without embellishments, and I don’t want to bother because it would probably turn out to be catastrophic. After all I’m not a writer but an ordinary woman who wants to share a part of her life.
Life LiveMost likely, you will get to know me better and follow my life through the photos I share with you because that is exactly my goal. To present the reality, to find girls and women in me, to understand that we all have bad moments and I will not hide them.
Part of our lives-Reality
When I started this blog it did not become the slightest sign that a pandemic like the one we live in today could happen, which has become our way of life, which is changing us radically and to which we are adapting. What do you say, sadly, we all want our lives back, whatever it was?

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