Online English teacher


Each of us runs out of money and then follows how to earn more. Ever since I bought my first computer, I’ve been researching online earning opportunities, and it’s been going on for quite some time. I didn’t find myself in the jobs I found. Everything was still a big unknown to me, the internet was a new sensation in my country.

The years went by and I went deeper and deeper into the possibilities that the internet offers us. Persistently looking for ways to increase my budget. I had a lot of free time even though I was employed by a state-owned company. There was less and less money, more and more free time, and I was still looking for a new source of income.


My knowledge of English at that time was at the level of conversation, but with a terrible accent and a lot of grammatical errors. I found a site where they were looking for an online English teacher. People all over the world are registered on this site to learn English. I tried to find that site again on google but it looks like it has been shut down, so I can’t leave you the site address. But I’m pretty sure you can find another platform to work on. Many platforms take a percentage by finding students to teach you.

After I registered to want to teach someone English, even though my knowledge was not at that level, my first student contacted me. The site did not allow the exchange of personal information, telephone numbers, and e-mails for users to pay for their mediation services. Nevertheless, we managed to exchange personal data with encrypted messages and schedule the first class, via Skype.


My first student was a Turk who lived and worked in Germany. I later learned that he is a world-famous agronomist, a man who evaluates the quality of tobacco. He was fascinated by Serbia and the Serbian language. My task was to teach him the Serbian language. My student’s knowledge of English was much greater than mine but I didn’t let him notice. I can’t describe to you how difficult it was to organize a class, lead a conversation in English and learn Serbian. I struggled, I saved classes using all the resources I found, I learned the methodology. And I learned something else, English, my student was not aware that I was actually learning from him.


After six months, my student visited me in Serbia. We continued to cooperate but not in learning English. The student became my principal and I will write about that in some future posts.


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