Senior Mobile Application Developer

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– Android Application Development: Java & Kotlin, 6 years of experience
– iOS Application Development: Swift, 6 years of experience
– Hybrid Application Development: Flutter, 3 years of experience
– Website development: PHP, Angular, React, 5 years of experience
[Work Experience]
● Senior Mobile Application Developer
– Assigned to the e-commerce team and developed Android and iOS Applications for
Product advertising and sales.
– Led a team consisting of 8 developers and 2 designers.
– Acquired over 150,000 application users in 2 years.
● Hybrid Application Developer
SingXung LLC, Yanji city, Jilin state in China, Feb 2018 – May 2019
– Assigned to Flutter developer position in the e-commerce team and developed a hybrid app
and backend API for beauty service businesses.
– Led a team consisting of 4 developers and 1 designer.
– Acquired over 90,000 application users in 1 year
● Full Stack Mobile Application and Website developer
Alfamind LLC, Jakarta Indonesia, Jun 2019 – Oct 2020
– Assigned to Android & PHP developer position in e-commerce team.
– Developed Android Application and Backend & Database
– Acquired over 100,000 application users in 2 years
● Full Stack iOS Application developer
Dietfarma , Madrid, Spain, Jan 2021 – Feb 2022
– Assigned to iOS & Android developer positions in the developer team.
– Developed iOS & Android application
– Acquired over 8,0000 Application users in 2 years
[About Me]
A proficient, self-motivated Software Developer with excellent skills and successful experience of 6 years
I have a great passion for working as a Software developer and I always remain alert to learn all the
newest and updated materials.
I give my best to improve my skill and my work.
I believe in hard work and honesty. I’m always interested in making long-term professional
relationships with my clients to ensure that every project becomes successful.


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