The Sleep Technique Applied by Leonardo da Vinci: A MULTIPHASAL DREAM for Perfect Productivity

Leonardo da Vinci managed to save time on rest, but because of that, his productivity and creativity were at a high level. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leonardo_da_Vinci

He used the time that Leonardo da Vinci saved on vacation for creative work, which led to incredible results.

Namely, he practiced a dream that consists of several phases.

It took him a long time to develop his ideas as an artist, and he often did not have that time.

That is why he wanted to use as much time as possible for work, and as little as possible for sleeping.

That plan meant to “break” the normal period of night rest into several parts, ie into several phases, which led to the practice of sleeping several times during the day, but at shorter intervals.

Leonardo da Vinci slept for 15 minutes every four hours. As a result, he slept only an hour and a half a day

He began to use the time he saved on rest for creative work. Da Vinci said that he used this method for many years of his life, and that he never felt tired.

What does practice say?

Numerous exercises and experiments of those who followed the example of Leonardo da Vinci, created several variations, which were transmitted by the site “Bright Side”.https://brightside.me/

  • sleep 30 minutes every 6 hours (dymaxion method),
  • sleep 20 minutes every 4 hours (uberman method),
  • sleep at night 1.5 – 3 hours and then three times during the day for 20 minutes (everyman method),
  • sleep at night for 2 hours and once in the afternoon for 20 minutes (tesla method)
  • sleep at night 5 hours and 1.5 hours in the afternoon (siesta method).

However, it should be borne in mind that everyone’s body is different, and different types of multi-phase sleep may not be for everyone.

If you eat these five foods before going to bed YOU WILL SLEEP LIKE A BABY: A trick that always works

You should not eat anything at least three now before bed, because it is not good for metabolism.

But, for these five foods, that rule does not apply – in fact, if you eat these things before going to bed, sleep will be better and better.

Due to the large amount of magnesium and calcium, bananas enable muscle renewal and “battery charging”.

They are easily digested, so a good night’s sleep is guaranteed.

Unlike chicken, turkey meat will actually make your sleep better.

A portion of turkey an hour and a half before bed will regulate sleep thanks to tryptophan – a hormone that improves mood.

Warm milk has always been known as the best “preparation” for good sleep.

There is no parent who has not used the trick “a glass of warm milk before bed” to improve their children’s sleep.

A portion of rice before bed will affect better sleep and, even better, by gradually releasing glucose into the bloodstream, to reduce the required amount of sleep.

Cherries contain melatonin which is known as the sleep hormone.

A handful of cherries before going to bed will affect the balance of the sleep rhythm.

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