To be, or not to be

 I am 46 years old, what’s next?


I have asked myself many times, is this the right time to start something new? Am I late to make my dreams come true, is it time to sail into a peaceful harbor? I don’t think so, and that’s exactly why I started writing a blog and building my name on the blogging scene. Many times I had a feeling like I’m standing in the middle of nowhere on a road trip. I have a job, a husband, an orderly life, but what next. Is this the beginning of the midlife crisis? I believe that each of us seniors, middle-aged people thought, my time is up. Someone would say, you are safe and secure, what you want more of your life, but is no point in that. I think I can still give and show a lot. 

 Will my writing be of value to anyone?

Before I was a blogger, I thought endlessly and pointlessly. Everything in the world was painfully relevant. Imagine that someone stripped you naked and dropped you in the jungle in the middle of the night. You certainly wouldn’t be bored! Everything would be interesting to you. Does that mean you want that? That’s exactly how I felt when I started writing a blog. Frightened but at the same time curious and ready for hard work and learning.

Many times I have thought that blogging is my last chance to do something great in my life. And I don’t even know the definition of that big one. Is it money, power, popularity? What is it that blogging offers us? Nothing of this. Nothing is guaranteed in this business.

The world is big and each of us hopes to find his audience, readers who will come back and follow your work. But it’s a wonderful feeling to work and create.

Before I start writing, I usually ponder on how best I can express myself without giving unnecessary details or doling out boring facts. Writing is just like talking, the main aim is to get your points across. There is that sense of honesty and precision that readers want to see when they flip through a written piece. This is exactly what gives me strength and faith that I will succeed. My honesty to the people who read my posts. 

My blog is not based on answering specific questions but I believe that my audience will find solutions to their dilemmas and that my writing will help with that. 

Final Thoughts

I wanted to dedicate this post to women my age. I wanted to encourage them and say that dreams come true, but it takes a lot of sacrifice and work, in any kind of work. 

We do not all have the same goals, but it is important to have a strong will and desire, it is important to be what we are, it is important to build ourselves.

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