Whether a blogger’s life is easy

In the last couple of weeks my blog has gotten a lot more visitors.https://lifelivebymaja.com/

A real explosion has taken place and I am still trying to find the key to that success.

That’s why I decided to write this post. I want to dedicate it to myself and my not so easy life.

In addition to writing a blog, I am constantly employed, the owner of two dogs and parents who are in their late years, a wife who works a lot. It is already clear to you that a lot in everyday activities depends on me.

But I decided to persevere in my intention, build my blog, and attract readers who will love my posts and my writing style.

In one of the comments, the reader wrote that he adores my somewhat lucid way of writing and that he always comes back precisely because of that style.

I write each topic from my experience and the way I discovered something or came up with some useph.

I really rarely use other sources and blogs, but it involves a lot of reading and studying.

No one is born to know everything, but I think that the transfer of personal experience attracts the attention of the audience.

The high traffic of my blog made me think of opening a Youtube channel but …

I live in a country where one can easily be misunderstood, exposed to negative comments, and that is exactly what prevents me from introducing myself on Youtube.

There is probably a right time for everything, and I believe that writing a blog will strengthen me in that intention.

When I lost weight and achieved my goal, I started writing a blog.https://lifelivebymaja.com/i-lost-22-kg/

So I believe that the popularity of my site will lead me to open my Youtube channel. Actually that channel already exist but it is empty, hope not for to long. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCByjZqrXNNtTTBVNjQHarsg

The work of blogger is so hard, especially when someone is employed and writing a blog is an additional activity.

In this post, I am planning to upload more my photos.

On that way I want present more of me and how much I am simple woman. Blogger is person as everyone else who is fighting for own goal.

But, we often put too much pressure on ourselves especially if we’re trying to reach our goals and it seems quite impossible to achieve them.

My best method to cope with burnout from blogging.

If I’m frustrated, mentally and emotionally drained from everything which involves blogging, I stop what I am doing, get away from it all and just relax.

Taking a break and relaxing gives me more energy and inspiration to continue where I quit.

Trust me, sometimes is not easy express feelings and experience.

Writing is talent, a skill that must be practiced.

It is a great responsibility to write because you know that someone will find and read it, and when something is bad it spreads quickly.

Good thing going slowly and need more time. In my opinion this is whole true, but probably for that exist some reason.

We must passed some level and hope I am on good way to make a step on second level.

I want to say thanks to all my visitors and readers.

You are responsible for my success !!!

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