Work from home


My family and I had financial problems, but who doesn’t have them nowadays? Paying bills, installments of bank loans, car maintenance has become increasingly stressful. Many things we could not afford and life became a survival. Hard times have knocked on my door as well as on the rest of the population of my country. I consoled myself that we were not alone in that suffering but paying the bills had no mercy.

 We tried to lead a way of life as before the crisis, and that is what drew us deeper and deeper. I did not accept that I had to adapt my life and needs to the situation I was in. That I can’t buy everything I want, that expensive clothes, travel are a thing of the past.

We all worked hard, my husband worked day and night, and our parents could no longer help us as before because they became retired and their income was lower. Everything we earned was not enough. We reached a stage where we could not afford coffee in the cafe. But we walked, sat by the river, ran, and played with our dog. 


Sitting one evening on a park bench, a friend approached me whom I had not seen for a long time. I was glad to see her and to hear what was new in her life. It was she who helped me, she found me a job that I would do from home and have extra income.

I started working, more than ever in my life. I worked 14-16 hours a day. I slept 3-4 hours. I worked until 2 am and got up at 4 am, to go to work where I am permanently employed. I carried my laptop with me everywhere, worked everywhere was free access to the internet. And I was not tired, the desire for a better life was stronger than anything.



Yes, because I repaid the debts, paid all the arrears, but all that work took away a lot of what I had before.

This post comes deep from my heart, I honestly and openly conveyed my feelings. And there will be more. I will write about everything that my work brought to me, many pleasures in life that I could not afford before, but also about what I lost?

The most important thing in life is to find balance, to be happy with what we have, to find happiness in small things.


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