Workout and diet


When I started dieting, I never thought about exercising. The thought of exercising made me even more nervous and I was quite sure that it would stop me from achieving my goal. A friend of mine convinced me that I would lose weight more easily if  I exercised, without having go to the gym. He is a man who believes that today he keeps exercise young and his favorite motto is, exercise is the ” Fountain of youth”. He kept trying to teach me the exercises I would do at home. 


IN A CONVERSATION WITH A FRIEND,  FOR THE FIRST TIME I HEARD FOR KETTLEBELL. My knowledge of exercise and training remained at the level of what we practiced in school in the physical education class. My friend was persistent in his intention to motivate me to start exercising. He showed me exercises with kettlebells which I can  do at home and even recalculated how much I will lose weight. And I promised that I will go to buy a kettlebell and starting with a workout. 
I HAVE BEEN RESEARCHING WHERE I CAN BUY KETLEBBEL. IN THE CITY WHERE I LIVE, THERE IS NO LARGE CHOICE OF SPORTS EQUIPMENT, SO I HAD TO PURCHASE MY MAGIC PROPERTY IN THE CAPITAL CITY. And I found a five-pound kettlebell at a children’s toy store. With a strong wish, more than ever, I bought it and started exercising. Proud because I started exercising, I informed a friend about the endeavor and how heavy the kettlebell I exercise with is. The answer I got was ” I think that you should start with more kettlebell weight “. He lost his faith and hope that I will follow his instruction and advice. After few days the kettlebell found it place in the basement.WEIGHT LOST WITHOUT EXERCISE
I CONTINUED MY DIET BUT WITHOUT EXERCISE, and the pounds went down. After a long time a friend of mine visited me and he didn’t recognize me. The words he said still giving to me the wind in my back,”You are a phenomenon, the first time I see someone who lost weight without exercise”. I can lose weight without exercising.

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