What doing vlogger on Youtube


A phenomenon of today that I have discovered in the last year. You will probably think that such an uninformed person started writing a blog. All vloggers were bloggers at first and built their names by writing posts.

But I didn’t know about them. On YOUTUBE, I mostly watched movies, favorite TV shows and listened to music. Of course, I came across suggestions from video vloggers, but I really wasn’t interested in watching what they were saying. The titles of these videos were unfamiliar to me, many unfamiliar words. New or invented words or I was just uninformed.

You will probably laugh now but I consider myself a good connoisseur of the internet. I have worked as a freelancer for many years and that is probably the reason why I did not research YOUTUBE. 

In the past year, my interest in vlogs has begun. At first, I was fascinated, primarily by all the products they represent, the brands they work with. As time went on, I realized that everyone trades and records video according to the same established pattern, which they copied from American bloggers. Their videos have titles:

  • Room tour
  • House tour
  • Haul
  • Boxing
  • Empties
  • Makeup tutorial
  • Daily vlog
  • Week vlog
  • Vlogmas

Maybe all of these are prescribed rules for a successful vlog, just as there are recommendations for a blog niche.

This is just my opinion and is not a critique.The world has become a marketing jungle, an arena where the struggle for the market takes place and the companies have found their place of struggle with vloggers. And that’s totally ok because we all strive for a better and more comfortable life. But these vloggers are followed by teenagers and they look at their way of life, but they don’t realize that it’s all overhead. Vloggers show me only what they want.I hope they are not slaves to all these brands because modesty is human’s greatest virtue !!!

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